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The Perfect Christmas Eve Box

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Christmas Eve boxes have become a real tradition over the last few years.  Christmas Eve is a time to hunker down at home in pure comfort and spend time together, before the excitement of Christmas Day and we have put together some suggestions of what our perfect Christmas Eve Box might hold in case you wanted some inspiration.

Firstly though you need a box and our favourite is this beautiful, personalised Christmas Eve Boxes by Betsy Benn.  It is just the thing for that special night with loads of room to fill with goodies..

Now, what should we put in the box?  Here are a few ideas:

1) Some new, and freshly washed, PJs. We love these ones by our pals at Lola and Blake Designs. Available in baby to adult sizes so you can all match!

2) You absolutely must include a snack, either readymade biscuits or why not bake your own, using our Christmas snowflake biscuit kitgingerbread reindeer kit or  Christmas Bauble Gingerbread kit.

3) Some hot chocolate – and delightfully presented, maybe like this one which come with marshmallows and is availble on our website. For the grown ups, you could add a miniature brandy or rum for extra warmth!


3) How about a mug cosy to keep little hands protected? We love this polar bear one from Chi Chi Moi.

4) Slippers – and nothing is cuter than these crocheted ones from Eka Wear. Available in baby to adult sizes.

5) Something to read – a comic, a book, a magazine – just some downtime away from a screen, whatever age you are! You can’t go wrong with a Christmas classic, and with a redesigned cover from Bookishly – even better.

6) A new Christmas decoration. This sweet mouse is handmade from 100% British sheep wool. Proudly wearing a Santa hat this little fellow would hang sweetly from a Christmas tree. From Brown Betty Blue

Or a personalised tree ornament as well, like these polar bear ones from Betsy Benn. 

7) A little creativity – maybe some origami squares for the older ones, or some watercolour paints (yes – for me again!) or these gorgeous Elf stickers from Elf For Christmas

If you have any other ideas, let us know.