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Recipe of the Month – June – Elderflower Rum Fizz

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Having made my annual batch of Ederflower Cordial at the weekend, I thought I would share the recipe for Elderflower Rum Fizz, a delicious cross between a Mojito and Pimm’s and a perfect refreshing summer cocktail.

Elderflower Rum Fizz

Makes 2 glasses

12 mint leaves

75ml Elderflower cordial (see recipe in previous blog post)

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

250-300ml sparkling water

1ce and mint sprigs to serve

Put the mint leaves and elderflower cordial into a jug and pummel with the end of a rolling pin to realease the oil from the mint. Add the rum and lemon juice, mix and then top up with sparkling water.


Thank you to Ghillie James for the recipe from her book “Jam, Jelly and Relish” which is packed with seasonal recipes.