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5 Tips For Hosting an Eco-Friendly Party

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As a mum of two, I have always hated the traditional, plastic tat filled party bags, and as someone who was already producing baking mixes, offering mini baking mixes as kids’ party bags was a logical step.  That was over 10 years ago, and since then, the issue of plastic and saving the planet has become significantly more important.  Traditionally, parties, and in particular kids’ parties, haven’t been known for being eco-friendly affairs, but there are small things that you can do the reduce the impact that your party will have on the environment.

We have put together our top 5 tips to make your party that little bit more eco-friendly.

1. Eco-friendly decorations

Balloons and plastic birthday banners are classic examples of environmentally unfriendly decorations but ditching balloons doesn’t mean that you cannot make the party venue look great.  Invest in reusable bunting (it will be handy for years), avoid balloons unless made from biodegradable material (yes they are a thing!). Little Cherry have a fantastic range of eco-friendly party decorations, so why not check them out?  Also avoid balloons filled with metalic confetti, whilst burst balloons are easy to clear up, I can assure you that the confetti isn’t as easy, especially if outside.  I am still finding bits, in the garden,  from my daughter’s party two years ago!

2. Avoid single use plastics

Did you know you can rent reusable plastic tableware and decorations from The Party Kit Network? They have party kit suppliers all over the country, just visit the Party Kit Network to find your nearest supplier.  Another great idea is to ditch single use plastic staws.  Either go for metal ones or reusable plastic straws.

3. Go Paperless

Opt for email/Whats App invitations and you can find some great party invitation templates online.  We love Canva’s invitation templates.  Just search “kid’s party invitations” for some inspiration.  With regard to games, why not wrap “pass the parcel” parcels in layers of old newspaper rather than wrapping paper.  Alternatively make your own reusable fabric bags for the pass the parcel. Also avoid paper plates and cups, going for reusable options instead like those available from The Party Kit Network.


4. Ditch Traditional Plastic Tat Filled Party Bags

Look for eco-friendly party bag options such as Katie Bakes Baking Mix Party Bags. A fun activity for after the party and the mixes are in boxes made from recycled board and biodegradable bags.  Packets of seeds in envelopes are also a nice idea.

5. Reduce Food Waste

There are loads of ways to do this but a great simple tip is not to put all the food out in one go. Only refill plates when needed, this way party food like cupcakes, sandwiches etc that haven’t been handled and kept fresh can be used after the even for packed lunches or given to friends or neighbours, plus packs of biscuits or crisps can go back in the cupboard for use at a later date.

So whatever you are doing for your party, there are little steps that you can very easily do, that will make your party that little bit better for the environment.  We would also love to hear of any eco party tips that you might have.