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6 Ways to Reuse Your Kilner Jar

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6 Ways to Reuse Your Kilner Jar

Here at Katie Bakes, we have used Kilner jars for our Baking Mixes in Jars because of the outstanding quality of genuine Kilner Jars, the fact that they can be reused for years if they’re well looked after and provide a great source of sustainable packaging.

Anyway as we have lots of Kilner jars lying around we thought we would share six of our favourite ideas for reusing your Kilner jars.

Food Preservation

We’ll get the obvious ones out the way first. Kilner jars are great for food preservation and storage. You can store dry ingredients such as flour and sugar, or cooking ingredients such as herbs and spices. More and more shops, including some supermarkets, are selling package free products, allowing you to take your jars to fill yourself thus reducing food packaging. If you don’t want to store baking or cooking ingredients in the jar, then you could even store teabags or coffee granules. You could also store food items such as biscuits, sweets, sliced vegetables or fruit, or cereal. Preserving is obviously the traditional use of the Kilner jar and with Christmas just around the corner, you might be thinking about making homemade mince pies or chutney—classic Christmas treats. Kilner jars are great for preserving these things and keeping them fresh. Check out some recipes for making your own mincemeat or chutney to store in your jar ready for making your delicious treats.

Alternative Storage

One of the simplest (and probably one of the most popular) uses for your Kilner jar is to store things in them. You can use it as a stationary pot to store your paper clips, erasers, staples etc. Or you could use it as a pen pot to store all your pens and pencils. You could also store coins in it. Remember when we used to just pay with cash, and you’d always end up with dozens of 1p and 2p coins in your wallet that you could just never seem to shift? It’s guaranteed that some of you still have this problem, so just throw them into your Kilner jar. Not only is it an effective way to save up lots of money, but at least you’ll then know you have enough coins to play in the arcades with!


Our favourite way to reuse jars is to make lights with it. They might not look amazing, but they will certainly look unique and can take pride of place in the centre of your table. All you need to do is place some battery-operated fairy lights into the jar and you’ve got yourself a brilliant alternative to a lamp or a candle (although you may still need a lamp on just to make the room a bit brighter). Alternatively, if your Kilner jar has a handle on it, you could turn them into garden lamps and hook them up on a fence or wall. If solar powered fairy lights are available, this could be a great alternative to battery-operated fairy lights as you won’t have to worry about going outside to turn the lights on and off every time—and also better for the environment.

Candle Holder

You could even place a candle inside your Kilner jar. Please be aware that the flame may burn the glass, so, if possible, use a battery-operated candle. This will be an excellent Christmas decoration that you can place on your windowsill or fireplace. Although you won’t necessarily have a real candle in the jar, you’ll certainly have a great alternative that not only isn’t a fire hazard, but also allows you to use the jar repeatedly without damaging it. If you did want to have a real candle, you could create your own.

Plant Pot

Using your Kilner jar as a plant pot is such a brilliant use for it. You could grow some cacti or succulents in it which will fit perfectly and will look great on display. If you’re wary of growing real plants in the jar, why not purchase some artificial ones? Sometimes, I find that artificial ones look just as good as the real thing. If you have a large Kilner jar like the one shown in the photo, you could create a small terrarium which will look fantastic! You can use lots of small artificial plants and it will appear like a mini garden in a jar.

Seasonal Decorations

Halloween and Christmas are fast approaching and you may be looking for some new decorations. Your Kilner jar could be turned into a pumpkin for Halloween, or a snow globe for Christmas. Not only are these creative ways to reuse your jar, but they’re also fun activities to do with children. To create a pumpkin, you could paint the jar orange and use black paint for eyes and a mouth; or you could leave gaps for the eyes and mouth and then place a tealight inside to make a jack-o-lantern. A snow globe will be easy to make. Fake snow, a small Christmas ornament, and water. Happy creating!